Purpose Behind It All
Hello! My name is Nu! Welcome to my blog/website, The Unknown. You're probably wondering what's this blog/website about, well I'm here to tell you. The Unknown is here to show and inform you about all the underground or unknown talents minorities out there that goes unappreciated. There's a lot more amazing, talented people out there than the people you're currently seeing in the media. So I feel like someone needs to speak up and show the world that.  This website/ blog not only shine the light on the talented people but also on people who go through obstacles in their life and manage to turn it into something positive.  Growing up I never had anyone that supported me toward what I wanted to do in life, I didn't let stop me. Everyone needs that number one supporter to keep them going and I'm going to be that number one supporter for each and every last person I know and meet that's working towards something. If you feel like no one cares, just know I do, whether I know you or not. So for everyone that's visit my blog help me, help others by supporting them any way possible, you like I am. Together we can help change multiple people lives!  Always remember I do this for you, not for me!